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BIOPAC Systems are used in top universities and global 500 companies worldwide for a wide array of life science data acquisition & analysis applications. BIOPAC experts, including academic and industry partners, have presented more than 70 on-demand training seminars to help researchers in university or commercial settings maximize the potential of their systems and studies.


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1. Animal EEG Webinar | Measuring Long-Term Wireless EEG in Rodents

Focused on the fundamentals of wireless, long-term EEG recording in small animals and presents new research capabilities enabled through the integration of EPOCH systems technology and BIOPAC physiological data acquisition and analysis systems.

2. fNIRS for Mental Workload Assessment

fNIRS is growing in popularity as a tool for studying human cognition including workload, memory, learning, attention, and more. It is simpler than ever to incorporate into your experiments.

3. Multimodal Workload Measurements | Combining fNIRS, ECG/HRV, Eye Tracking & Stimulus Presentation

There is overwhelming evidence that combining multiple physiological measures provides greater power to discriminate mental workload as well as other cognitive states. Researchers frequently acquire disparate data streams for studies in cognition, human factors, ergonomics (e.g., automotive and aviation testing), user experience, and more.

4. Data Collection in the fMRI Environment (Human)

Physiological data collection during magnetic resonance imagining (MRI) requires special consideration. Researchers need to ensure strong physiological signals while avoiding potential dangers for the participant. Understanding the issues around safety, set up and specialized equipment is important when collecting psychophysiology data inside the scanner.

5. How to Add NIRS Labs for Brain Function and Muscle Oxygenation

fNIRS Education Systems are stand-alone functional imaging solutions for continuous NIR spectroscopy. The low-cost fNIRS Education System is a complete solution for educators including curriculum materials, hardware, and software to record, process, and analyze up to 6 optodes of NIRS data.

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