MP150 Firmware Upgrade from Win 3.7.2 or previous

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If upgrading from AcqKnowledge 3.7.2 or previous, you must update the MP150 firmware before installing AcqKnowledge 3.8.1 or above. AcqKnowledge 3.8.1 and above work via UDP and will only communicate with MP150s with current firmware revisions.

IMPORTANT! Before beginning any firmware update, check firmware/AcqKnowledge compatibility.

Firmware Update Procedure:
The only way to update older firmware is to copy the new firmware update utility onto the OLDER firmware update utility on a computer running AcqKnowledge 3.7.2 or below. After the firmware is updated, AcqKnowledge 3.8.1 or above can be installed.
IMPORTANT! When running MP150 firmware versions below 1.1.8, DO NOT erase the older AcqKnowledge (3.7.2 or below) before installing AcqKnowledge 3.8.1 or above, and KEEP the CD for the older AcqKnowledge (3.7.2 or below).
  1. Determine the ORIGINAL FIRMWARE version for the MP150 unit. ORIGINAL FIRMWARE means the firmware programmed at BIOPAC before the MP150 unit was shipped, i.e. firmware the MP150 unit will run after a “rollback procedure.”
  2. Proceed as follows for the indicated firmware version:
    • If the Original Firmware is 1.1.7 (no UDP support):
      • DO NOT remove DLC protocol from the computer
      • Keep the previous version of AcqKnowledge 3.7.2 in a safe place.
      • If possible, keep a Windows 98 computer after transition to Windows XP.
    • If the Original Firmware is 1.1.8 or greater, complete the Update as detailed below:
      *Note* New customers should not need to upgrade firmware.
      • Launch the older AcqKnowledge (3.7.2 or below) and select the appropriate MP150 by serial number.
      • Insert the AcqKnowledge 3.8.1 or above CD into your computer and cancel the installer if it autostarts.
      • Locate and copy the “MPTools.exe” Firmware Update Utility from the new AcqKnowledge 3.8.1 or above CD.
      • Go to the older AcqKnowledge folder (3.7.2 or below) and rename MP150Tool.exe to MP150Tools372.exe.
      • Paste MP150Tools.exe from the CD into the older AcqKnowledge folder (3.7.2 or below).
      • Launch “MP150Tools.exe” (double-click on the icon).
      • Select “Show info” from the MPTools menu to verify connection to the correct MP150 unit (by serial number).
      • Complete the firmware update by selecting the “lightning bolt” toolbar button in the MPTool menu bar.
      • Launch the older AcqKnowledge (3.7.2 or below) to verify that the application could “find” and communicate with the MP150 unit.
      • Click on the MP150 menu and select “About MP150” to confirm that the firmware version has been upgraded to 1.1.12 or later.
  3. After MP150 firmware is successfully updated, install AcqKnowledge 3.8.1.

Rollback or Reset Notes

If the Firmware Rollback procedure is implemented, you may need to repeat the above procedure using the older AcqKnowledge CD. Remember, AcqKnowledge 3.7.2 will only work on PC operating systems that support DLC (Windows 98, 98SE, and 2000 only). Factory-installed firmware version 1.1.7 or previous (purchased approximately November 2002 or before) may not “Reset” to a level compatible with UDP communication. In such cases, you will need to install a DLC-compliant version of AcqKnowledge and update to UDP in stages; contact BIOPAC for additional support if necessary.
Communication Type Utility
You can use the “MPComType.exe” utility to switch the connection mode between applicable options for the selected MP device.
  • This utility DOES NOT INSTALL the required driversā€”it just switches between previously installed connection options.
  1. Insert the BIOPAC CD. If it autoexecutes, cancel installation.
  2. Double-click the “MPComType.exe” icon to activate the utility.
  3. Choose a communication mode (USB, DLC, or UDP).
  4. Choose a communication device (MP100 or MP150).
  5. Click OK.
  6. Restart your computer.

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