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FaceReader Software

FaceReader is the premier professional software for automatic analysis of facial expressions

Real-time expression data synchronized with Physiology data and/or eye tracking

More reasons to smile!

Easily gather emotion data with other biometrics for a complete subject profile

Emotion data provides crucial insights that allow researchers to explain complex behaviors in greater depth. FaceReader is ideal for collecting this data, and helps you to better understand human-human, human-machine, and human-product interactions. FaceReader emotion reading software locks onto a subject’s face and analyzes facial movements to classify the subject’s response. The software was “trained” with more than 10,000 manually annotated images, and accurate modeling of the face is achieved by describing 500 key points FaceReader provides validated objectivity in observations. Classifications include happy, sad, scared, disgusted, surprised, angry, contempt, and neutral. Add Action Units to measure three common affective attitudes: boredom, interest, confusion. FaceReader also provides gaze direction, head orientation, and person characteristics, such as gender and age.

Easily integrate with physiological parameters

For more comprehensive analysis, add licensing to integrate biometrics from an MP160 Research System or eye tracking data. When you start AcqKnowledge to begin recording, FaceReader data will be automatically synchronized and recorded in the same graph file. Record synchronized ECG, fEMG, EDA, etc. Monitor data in the FaceReader display for real-time feedback.

Add Capabilities to Expand Your Research

Module add-ons unlock research potential.

  • Action Unit Module adds automatic analysis of 20 Action Units to measure affective attitude
  • Project Analysis Module adds streamlined analysis & reporting tools
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FaceReader software modules do not include the FaceReader Integration License—add the FR-INTERFACE license for AcqKnowledge 5 to integrate FaceReader.

FaceReader Classifications Demo

FaceReader - Contempt classifier

FaceReader Affective Attitudes

Noldus The Observer XT Import/Export in AcqKnowledge

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