MP36R 4-Channel Systems

Greater Discovery in a Powerful 4-Channel System

BIOPAC MP Research SystemsBIOPAC MP36R Systems for life science research feature a four-channel data acquisition unit with built-in universal amplifiers that can record a wide range of physiological signals, a stimulator, audio output, external trigger and digital I/O lines. MP36R Systems are suitable for a wide variety of physiology and life science research applications, and are capable of airflow and gas analysis. MP36R units come with current AcqKnowledge 5 software (Windows or Mac), which includes powerful automation and scoring tools. AcqKnowledge software includes automated analysis routines for ECG, HRV, EEG, EMG, EGG, and many more. The system supports a wide range of wireless and wired signal-specific  amplifiers. MP36R Systems feature fast, simple setup and are approved for human and animal research. Used in conjunction with AcqKnowledge software, BIOPAC electrodes, transducers and other system components, the MP36R unit is part of a complete data acquisition and analysis system.

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