Haptic (Tactile) Stimulation

Use Haptic Feedback to replace or augment audio and visual cues

Provide tactile stimulation/feedback with the Haptic Transducer—easily attach the ergonomically designed device to a variety of body locations to mechanically stimulate a 1.5 mm diameter area of skin surface. The electromagnetically actuated plunger force and travel can be infinitely adjusted.

Enhance the immersive environment in VR worlds with the Haptic Delivery System. The audio amplifier connects to a computer sound card and drives actuators & isolators (2 each) that vibrate based on the sound from the sound card. Actuators are placed under chair legs or on a platform and deliver vibrations based on the VR environment (e.g., movement of elevators). Installs in minutes with no modifications to furniture or flooring required.

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Actuators/Isolators, replacement

Part #: RXHDS

Replacement actuators and isolators for the HDS100 Haptic Delivery System for tactile feedback during virtual reality experiments. Actuators are placed…

haptic transdcuer

Haptic (Tactile) Stimulation Transducer

Part #: TSD190

The TSD190 is a haptic (tactile) stimulator that is ergonomically designed to strap onto a variety of body locations. It…

amplifier, actuators, and isolators provide tactile feedback

Haptic Delivery System

Part #: HDS100

The haptic delivery system provides tactile feedback during virtual reality experiments. The system includes: audio amplifier that connects to a…

Thermode attachment

Thermode for Thermal Stimulation

Part #: TSD191

The TSD191 Thermode has a 30 mm x 30 mm contact area to deliver hot/cold thermal stimulation pulses when driven…