Ag-AgCl Reusable

Ag/AgCl Electrodes for Biopotential Recording

BIOPAC offers reusable Ag/AgCl electrodes for recording biopotentials with surface (EL250 Series), snap (EL650 Series), or post (EL120 Series) connection. 

BIOPAC EL250 series and EL650 series reusable electrodes incorporate a variety of features which improve biopotential recordings:

  1. Non-polarizable
  2. Sintered to increase electrode/electrolyte contact area
  3. Do not require chloriding
  4. Reusable via resurfacing
  5. High stability recordings, to DC, when used with chloride salt gel electrolyte
  6. Electrolyte gel cavity reduces artifact due to electrolyte/electrode motion and minimizes electrolyte dissipation/drying over long-term recordings

Used with BIOPAC transducers, AcqKnowledge software, the MP data analysis and acquisition hardware platforms, amplifiers and other system components, these Ag/AgCl electrodes are an element of a complete data acquisition and analysis system.