Jumper Connectors

Stackable Jumper Connectors & Lead Junctions

BIOPAC offers a series of stackable jumper connectors (10 cm, 1.5 or 2 mm) for creating a common reference between biopotential amplifier modules. A lead junction to reference 4 electrodes from 1 is also available.

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200 series cables

Interface Cables CBL200 Series

Part #: CBL200, CBL229, CBL246, CBL201, CBL202, CBL203, CBL204, CBL205, CBL206, CBL207

Lead interface adapter options: CBL200 2 mm pin to Safety Socket CBL201 Safety Socket to 2 mm pin (use for…

Jumper cable for MRI use

Jumper Cable for MRI (2xTPF to 1xTPM)

Part #: JUMP100C-MRI

Custom-fabricated Y cable for MRI use Tin plated, carbon composition with goldplated brass connectors Only available from BIOPAC! Use this Y…

Jumper Cables – Stackable

Part #: JUMP100, JUMP100C

These jumper connectors (10 cm long) are used to create a common reference between Biopotential amplifier modules. Link one reference…