Connection Cables

analog and BNC connection cables

Connection Cables

CBL100 Series analog connection cables are used to connect your stand-alone equipment to the BIOPAC MP Data Acquisition and Analysis System. Analog outputs (from chart recorders, force plates, pre-amplifiers, oscilloscopes, etc.) can be connected to the UIM100C module or other MP System modules. Select the cable number with the plug corresponding to the output jack of your equipment. Use one cable per recording channel.

The table below lists BIOPAC cables to connect to devices from AMTI, Axon, Biodex, Buxco, Data Sciences International, Gould, Grass, Harvard, Kent, Kissler, Millar, Sonometrics, Transonic, Triton, Tucker Davis, and WPI—contact to discuss connection to other devices.

3rd-party device to MP150

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CBL100 Series cables

Interface Cables

Part #: CBL100, CBL126, CBL125, CBL124, CBL123, CBL122, CBL128, CBL101, CBL102, CBL105, CBL106, CBL107, CBL108, CBL117, CBL118, CBL121

CBL100 Series analog connection cables connect stand-alone equipment to an MP System. Analog outputs from preamplifiers, oscilloscopes, eye tracking glasses,…