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Calibration Cables


This cable incorporates a precision 1/1,000 signal attenuator to verify the signal calibration of any BIOPAC Series 100/100C biopotential amplifiers…

Calibration Standard for LDF100C

Part #: LDFCAL

The LDFCAL is a specially prepared colloidal solution of suspended latex spheres undergoing Brownian motion that provides a standard calibration…

Reference calibrator

Reference Voltage Cbl for DA100C

Part #: REFCAL

Used to check and adjust the DA100Cs reference voltage used for transducer excitation. The REFCAL directs the reference voltage setting…

20 ohm and 50 ohm impedance reference

Z Impedance Calibrator – EBI100C/NICO100C

Part #: ZCALC

Impedance calibrator with 20 Ω reference and 50 Ω reference for the EBI100C, NICO100C, or NICO100C-MRI impedance amplifier. ZCAL20 (20-ohm…