Electrode Leads

Electrode Leads for Physiology Recording

Connect to BioNomadix Wireless, Wearable Systems or Smart Amplifiers

BN/micro connector electrode leads are purposefully kept short to minimize triboelectric behavior and greatly reduce the gravity and inertial loading on the electrode attachment site. The minimal electrode clip and lead weight does not pull on electrodes, so the electrode/skin gel barrier distance stays very constant, even during periods of vigorous physical activity. Accordingly, the recording site stays largely free of artifact. Furthermore, electrode leads are constructed from tinsel wire for excellent flexibility while being very resistant to metal fatigue. 

The BioNomadix® system of wearable wireless devices delivers the freedom to discover the data the researcher desires, in the environment and at the scale of the researcher’s choosing, with the quality scientific research demands, and with an unparalleled ease of use for both researcher and subjects.

Smart Amplifiers utilize short lead wire connections to reduce ambient and common mode noise, increasing comfort and improving signal quality.