General Purpose Products for Life Science Education

A wide range of general purpose transducers, products, pressure pads, replacement parts and accessories are available for the Biopac Student Lab for life science and physiology education, research, including transducers for Heel/Toe Strike, Stethoscopes, and others. Used in conjunction with the Biopac Student Lab and other components, these products are key elements of a complete life science teaching system.

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Dissolved O2 Probe Transducer

Dissolved O2 Probe Transducer – MP3X/46/45

Part #: SS69LA

The SS69LA transducer measures dissolved oxygen. This easy-to-use dissolved O2 probe relies on fluorescence and has temperature and pressure sensors, allowing…

SS61l Finger Flex Transducer

Finger Twitch Transducer, BSL

Part #: SS61L

Use this transducer to record finger twitch responses from human subjects receiving electrical stimulation (using the HSTM01 or STMHUM). The…

Hall Effect Switch Assembly

Part #: SS73L

This assembly can detect pedal or flywheel rotations on a cycle ergometer; it can also be used for other purposes. The assembly consists of…

Heel/Toe Strike Sensor Replace

Part #: RX111

Replacement strike sensor for Heel/Toe Strike transducers: TSD111A (research systems) SS28A (telemetry systems) SS28LA (education systems) Note—Heel/Toe Strike Transducers without…

Heel/Toe Strike Transducer – MP3X/46/45

Part #: SS28LA

Use this transducer to record heel and toe strike activity as the subject walks. The SS28LA uses two force sensitive…

pH Probe

Ph Probe – MP3X/45

Part #: SS68L

The SS68L probe transducer can measure pH within the range of 0-14, to .01 resolution. The electrode provides approximately a…

SS4LA, TSD200 Photo Plethysmogram

Photoplethysmogram for Pulse Waveform – MP3X/45

Part #: SS4LA

The SS4LA photoplethysmogram (PPG) transducer operates with the data acquisition unit to record the blood volume pulse waveform via optical methods.…

Pressure Pad / Respiration Xdr – MP3X/45

Part #: SS67L

The SS67L consists of an SS41L differential pressure transducer, RX110 sensor, and tubing. The multipurpose pneumogram transducer can be used to:…

Reflex Hammer Transducer – MP3X/45

Part #: SS36L

The SS36L is a classic reflex hammer with a transducer attached to perform reflex measurements and record strike magnitude. Being…

Stethoscope transducer BSL Stethoscope (SS30L/SS30LA)

Stethoscope for BSL

Part #: SS30LA

The BSL Stethoscope was developed to teach students the standard procedure for listening to heart sounds and Korotkoff sounds with…

Subject Response – DSub9

Part #: SS43L, SS53L, SS54L

The SS43L incorporates a slide control with graduated scale that allows the user to gauge their subjective response to a…