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SS19LA, TSD120 Blood Pressure Cuff Transducer

Blood Pressure Cuffs for Life Science Instruction

BIOPAC offers a wide range of blood pressure cuffs for physiology classroom experiments and research (infant through adult), as well as tail cuff accessories and restrainers for animal experiments.  Replacement parts, tail heating units for animal research, and other accessories are also provided. Used in conjunction with the Biopac Student Lab, these blood pressure cuffs are key elements of a complete life science teaching system.

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SS19LA, TSD120 Blood Pressure Cuff Transducer

Blood Pressure Cuff Transducers

Part #: SS19LB, SS19L

SS19L Series noninvasive blood pressure cuffs come complete with adjustable cuff (circumference range 25.4 to 40.6 cm), pump bulb, and…

Blood Pressure Cuffs

Part #: RX120A, RX120B, RX120C, RX120D, RX120E, RX120F

The RX120 series are optional blood pressure cuffs, of varying sizes, which can be quickly and easily swapped in and…

Blood Presure Tail Cuffs


Alternate tail cuff for the NIBP200A Small Animal Tail Blood Pressure System—for use in MRI applications. The adapter connects to…

SS13L, TSD104A Pressure Tranducer

Pressure Transducer – MP3X/45

Part #: SS13L

The SS13L is used to measure direct arterial or venous blood pressure in animals, or to record the pressure changes…



These plexiglass restrainers are used with the NIBP200A or NIBP250 Small Animal Tail Blood Pressure Systems. Size options include: RXRESTRAINER-L for large…

pressure sensor for blood pressure transducers

RX Sensor for TSD104A and SS13L

Part #: RX104A

RX104A is the replacement pressure-sensing element for blood pressure transducer TSD104A or SS13L; RX104A does not include the connector and…

Tail Heating Units


Tail heating units for small animals. See also: NIBP200A Small Animal Tail Noninvasive Blood Pressure System and NIBP250 Small Animal Tail Noninvasive…