BSL laboratory manual for life science

Laboratory Manuals for Biopac Student Lab Systems

Printed Manual for Biopac Student Lab Systems are available in a variety of languages for separate order. Experienced physiology instructors helped to create this lab manual and design the lessons. The manuals include a high degree of physiology with each lesson, illustrating a number of important physiological concepts. The lab manual guides students through the new enhanced lessons allowing them to remain engaged, focused, and excited about physiology! One student manual is shipped with each BSL System. Order additional manuals for your bookstore.

The Biopac Student Lab system is an integrated life science teaching solution that includes hardware, software and curriculum materials that students use in undergraduate laboratories to record data from their own bodies, animals or tissue preparations. The system includes over sixty-five complete lessons that educators use as part of undergraduate lab courses.

BIOPAC lessons are also included in leading published A & P Lab Manuals from MariebPflanzerFox, Wood, and others.