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Curricullum Management System BSL CMS

The BSL “Curriculum Management System” is an optional Licensed Feature* add-on that allows instructors to substitute customized lesson content and create user-defined onscreen lesson instructions for any existing BSL Lesson. A built-in networking feature allows instructors to easily broadcast customized content to student workstations over a local network. The user-friendly customization tools in the BSL Curriculum Management System offer the ideal solution for instructors who want to create, edit, and modify content.

Use the BSL Curriculum Management System to:

  • Associate custom recording procedures,analysis procedures, introductions and data reports with any existing BSL Lesson with a mouse-click.
  • Substitute any user-defined PDF for the default BSL Lesson PDFs.
  • Edit onscreen HTML Journal content to create custom onscreen instructions with the built-in BSL Visual editor
  • Set Instructor (Host) and Student (Client) network settings to share lesson content—you don’t need to be an I.T. expert! Simply select in BSL PRO Preferences to connect automatically over your local network.
  • Share BSL PRO Lessons and Instructor-customized Lessons over the network.

* Optional licensing available in BSL 4.1 and above. The license must be authorized to use this lesson customization tool. To add a license to an existing Biopac Student Lab installation, please contact BIOPAC.

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Curricullum Management System BSL CMS

Curriculum Management System

Part #: BSL-LIC

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