Replacement Heads

pneumotach flow head

Transducer Replacement Flow Heads

BIOPAC offers a wide range replacement flow heads for airflow transducers used in human and animal experiments measuring airflow and gas analysis.  In the animal series of flow heads, pneuomotach condensation is approached from a fresh angle with a unique design. Replacement flow heads for the TSD137, TSD237, TSD117, TSD127 and SSL series transducers are provided. These transducer flow heads are elements of a complete life science teaching solution when used as part of the Biopac Student Lab system.

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air flow head for pneumotach transducers TSD117, SS11L, and SS11LA (newer transducers use RX117A-MRI)

Flow Head for Handheld Pneumotach Transducers

Part #: RX117

Sterilizable 22 mm ID/30 mm OD air flow head for older pneumotach transducers TSD117, SS11L, and SS11LA. The material used in the…

pneumotach flow head

Flow Heads – Animal

Part #: RX237B, RX237D, RX237F, RX237H

Detachable pneumotach flow heads in the RXD237 Series are machined from acetal to give good stability with low weight and…

Heated Flow Heads

Part #: RX137B1, RX137C1, RX137D1, RX137E1, RX137F1, RX137G1, RX137H1

The RX137 series are heated airflow head replacements for TSD137 and SS45L-SS52L pneumotach transducers—the head is heated (includes an AC137A power…