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airflow facemask

Disposable, Autoclavable Face Masks, T-Valves & Accessories

BIOPAC provides disposable and autoclavable face masks, replacement head straps, and T-Valves for life science experiments that require measurement of airflow and/or gas analysis. These components are suitable for classroom or laboratory experiments or research in physiology, exercise physiology, pulmonary function, and other areas. These face masks, T-valves, and other accessories are components of a complete life science teaching systems when used with Biopac Student Lab system hardware, software, and curriculum.

BIOPAC pneumotachs, AFT series, and couplers

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airflow mask

AFT25 Accessories | Masks & Cap


Airflow mask and cap accessories for the AFT25 adult facemask: Masks do not include T-valve. Available in small, medium, or large.…

Disposable Face Mask with Adjustable Strap

Disposable Facemask

Part #: AFT10, AFT10S

The AFT10 facemask connects to 22 mm breathing circuits. Connects directly to the AFT1, AFT22 non-rebreathing T valve or TSD117…

airflow facemask

Face Mask, Adult, w/T-valve

Part #: AFT25-1, AFT25-2, AFT25-3

This adult facemask with integral non-rebreathing T-valve is a high performance, very low dead space, low airflow resistance mask and…


Part #: AFT21, AFT22, AFT23

These T-Valves are suitable for exercise physiology, pulmonary function, and even MRI applications. AFT21 35 mm OD: high performance, very low…