Calibration Components and Accessories

BIOPAC provides life science educators  with a variety of airflow and gas analysis calibration devices and accessories, suitable for research in physiology, exercise physiology, pulmonary function, and other research areas or experiments where calibration of airflow and gas analysis equipment is required. These airflow and gas analysis calibration devices are components of a complete life science teaching systems when used with Biopac Student Lab system hardware, software, and curriculum.

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Cal Gas: 4% CO2, 16% O2

Part #: GASCAL

Use this Calibration Gas Cylinder with BIOPAC Gas Analysis Modules. Composition: 4% Carbon Dioxide, 16% Oxygen, balance Nitrogen Cylinder Type:…

Cal Gas: 8% CO2, 21% O2

Part #: GASCAL2

Use this Calibration Gas Cylinder as the second calibration gas when calibrating the GASSYS3 chamber. Composition: 8% Carbon Dioxide, 21%…

airflow cal syringe

Cal. Syringe, 3 liter

Part #: AFT27

The AFT27 3.0 Liter Calibration Syringe is certified to have a volume that meets or exceeds an accuracy of 0.5% of…


Cal. Syringe, 600 ml

Part #: AFT6A

Medium pump syringe used for injecting a precise volume of air (600 ml) through airflow assemblies for precise calibration. The…

Gas & Flow Calibration Mixing Chamber

Calibration Chamber for GASSYS3

Part #: RX-GAS3

This is a short chamber that is used when performing calibration of the GASSYS3 Gas Analysis module. The large chamber…

SS11LB validation and calibration template

Calibration Kit for SS11LB


Optional calibration/validation kit Use FLOWCAL to validate factory calibration of the SS11LB. This kit connects the syringe to the SS11LB, coupler,…

GASSYSTEM3 Calibration tubing

Regulator Barb Interface GASSYS3

Part #: AFT17

Use this Regulator Barb Interface with Luer lock to connect a regulator (such as GASREG) and GASCAL or GASCAL2 calibration…

gas calibration accessories

Regulator for GASCAL

Part #: GASREG

Use this non-corrosive, two stage regulator with flow control with GASCAL Calibration Gas Cylinder: 4% CO2, 16% O2 or the…