Input Adapters

BNC input adapterInput Adapter Cables for Life Science Education

BIOPAC provides a series of cables and adapters to allow interface between the Biopac Student Lab MP35/36 system or BIOPAC research amplifiers via the IPS100C Isolated Power Supply. An adapter  may also be required when connecting un-isolated third party devices (i.e., amplifiers, chart recorders, or signal generators) while electrodes, attached to human. Subjects, are connected to other input channels. Fully-shielded electrode interface cables that permit high resolution recording of biopotential signals are also available.

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BSL 3.5 mm Phone Plug Adapter

Part #: BSLCBL5

Use this 3.5 mm phone plug adapter to interface the MP3X with equipment that outputs high-level voltage signals, including TSD122…

SS1LA Electrode Lead Adapter

Electrode Lead Adapter, TP

Part #: SS1LA

The fully-shielded electrode interface cable permits high resolution recording of biopotential signals. The 3-meter adapter cable accepts standard Touchproof connectors.…

High-impedance Cable

High Impedance Cables


Micro-electrode interface cables for MP36/36R, MP35, MP30, or MP45* These fully-shielded, unity gain, high-impedance, differential input, electrode interface cables permit…

Input Adapter – MP36/35/46/45 or Research Amps

Part #: BSLCBL14A

3.5 mm phone plug cable with a built-in attenuation. Provides a divide by 10 attenuation to scale the ±10 V…

Isolated input for MP36/36R, MP35 and MP46/45

Input Adapters – BNC

Part #: SS70LA, SS9LA

ANALOG INPUTS FOR MP36/35 and MP46/45 BNC Input These BNC input adapters are required when connecting isolated (or un-isolated) third-party…