New Citations | Utilizing VR and AcqKnowledge to Reduce Stress

 Impact of Green Space on Stress Reduction

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Research studies show that the increased exposure of urbanization, traffic noise and pollution has been correlated with increasing levels of stress. However, do greener, more natural environments provide the opposite effect, restoring human well-being and contributing in stress reduction? Researchers compared user experiences in Virtual Reality (VR) scenes with grassy spaces versus urban, concrete spaces. To test this theory, researchers used a MP Series Data Acquisition System and AcqKnowledge software to monitor, measure and record skin conductance levels of users in different VR environments to determine whether grassier environments provided more restorative effects over urban environments.

Read the Full Study: Trees, Grass, or Concrete? The Effects of Different Types of Environments on Stress Reduction (Huang, Yang, Jane, Li, and Bauer)

Attention Drifting and Avoiding Traffic Accidents

In Malaysia, 7000 lives and RM10 billion are lost every year due to road accidents. Attention drifting, the overtime decay of one’s attention while driving, is known to be one of the main causes of accidents. Looking into possible solutions, this study investigated how different types of sound alerts can help in the prevention of attention drifting. Attention drifting was measured with BIOPAC EEG amplifiers during a driving simulation and the brain activity was further generated using AcqKnowledge software.

Read the Full Study: Comparison of Meaningful Sound vs No Sound for Avoiding Attention Drifting Phenomenon While Driving (Super, Aminuddin, and Dom)

Art Therapy: Beneficial for Anxiety Reduction?

Art therapy is comprised of features that may be beneficial to women with anxiety disorders. This form of therapy is thought to promote relaxation, stress regulation, and cognitive regulation. To test the effectiveness of art therapy on anxiety reduction, this study utilized the MP Series Data Acquisition System and AcqKnowledge software to measure heart rate and heart rate variability in correlation to levels of stress reduction.

Read the Full Study: Anxiety Reduction Through Art Therapy in Women. Exploring Stress Regulation and Executive Functioning as Underlying Neurocognitive Mechanisms (Sonneville, Baars, Bourne, and Swaab)


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