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Mobita Advances Prestimulus EEG Research

water electrodes for EEG

The Mobita 32-Channel EEG recording system was used in research examining if physiological data can be used to predict truly random events that correspond to perceptual stimuli.

Baumgart, et al. from the University of California Santa Barbara utilized a quantum random number generator (qRNG) to choose from three randomized conditions: light, sound, and no stimulus. Subjects wore a Mobita EEG 32 electrode headcap while data was acquired using the Mobita wireless amplifier recording live to AcqKnowledge. From the three areas of the brain that were recorded, the researchers were able to note changes from baseline that may indicate the presence of evoked potentials that arose from the corresponding visual or auditory stimulus. While it is early to draw a strong conclusion, their identification of stimulus types based on post-stimulus response supports that it could be used to predict truly random events.

Prediction of Truly Random Future Events Using Analysis of Prestimulus Electroencephalographic Data is available online.

This Mobita wearable, wireless, rugged EEG monitoring & logging signal amplifier system records 32 channels of high-fidelity wireless EEG data with water electrodes. For more mobile physiologic measurement options, see Mobita & AcqKnowledge.

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