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    If you are running BSL 4.0.1 (released June 2013) or above, animal and BME lesson procedures and template files were installed with the software and you just need to set Lesson Preferences to enable access.
        1. Launch the BSL PRO application (choose “Create/Record a new experiment in the Startup Wizard).
        2. Go to Display > Preferences or click the “Preferences” toolbar button.
        3. Select “Lessons” in the Preferences menu.
        4. Simply check the lessons you want to include and click OK.
    (Modified Lesson Preferences apply to the local machine only and must be set on each workstation unless the optional BSL Curriculum Management System is installed.)

    If you are running BSL 4.0.0 or below, please select lessons below and submit this request.

    Please send the specified BSL PRO Lessons:

    Biomedical Engineering Labs

    BSL PRO Animal Lessons

    BSL PRO 4.0.1 or above or [checkbox a02-3 use_label_element "BSL PRO 3.6-4.0.0" class:hide-label]BSL PRO 3.6-4.0.0

    BSL PRO 4.0.1 or above or BSL PRO 3.6-4.0.0

    BSL PRO 4.0.1 or above or BSL PRO 3.6-4.0.0

    BSL PRO 4 or above or for BSL PRO 3

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