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How to Conduct Valid & Valuable Research Using Media Psychophysiology

Thursday, September 17, 2020

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Media psychophysiology and neuroscience offer researchers a valuable framework for investigating media processes and effects.  Academic media and communication departments are adopting this framework for their labs in growing numbers as it allows a communication scientist to study both conscious and less conscious responses to media content and technology.
Join BIOPAC live for this innovative online presentation about how to conduct valid and valuable research using media psychophysiology. Dr. Paul Bolls, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at Washington State University – Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, will walk us through the Psychophysiology Paradigm, the psychophysiological measures used by media researchers, along with tips and tricks for setting up your own lab. Ashley Churchill from BIOPAC will review the technical operations of setting up and running a media psychophysiology lab.
What You Will Learn:
  • Introduction to conducting media & communication research under the psychophysiology paradigm
  • Psychophysiological measures that are common in media and communication research
  • The role of technological advancement in media psychophysiology
  • Examples of media psychophysiology experiments
  • Strategies for successful labs
  • Basics of successful lab operations
  • Live Demo of the main signals used by media researchers
 Webinar is LIVE On Demand.
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About Paul Bolls, Ph.D.

Dr. Bolls is the Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at Washington State University – Edward R. Murrow College of Communication where he conducts research on how the human mind processes and is influenced by media content and technologies. His research spans communication contexts and channels focusing on brain processes related to cognition and emotion evoked during media exposure. He is an internationally recognized expert on Media Psychophysiology, the use of biometric/physiological measures to study how individuals mentally process and respond to media content. Dr. Bolls has over 25 years of experience with media psychophysiology encompassing both academic research and industry consulting.


About Ashley Churchill, M.A.BIOPAC Midwest Sales

Ashley is BIOPAC’s Technical Sales Rep for the Midwest region. Prior to joining BIOPAC Systems, Ashley spent over three years conducting media psychophysiology research under Dr. Paul Bolls at Texas Tech Center for Communication Research. During this time, she managed multiple academic and applied research studies, presented this work at major conferences, and trained numerous students in collecting valid physiological data.

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