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Paralympics, Firefighting, and Stretch Routines

Sports Competition Environments and Increasing Humidity

Sport Tracks are a popular venue for Olympic Athletes

Beijing 2008, Rio 2016, Tokyo 2020 (now 2021). Summer Olympic and Paralympic host cities are being selected in hot, humid, and demanding locations. Increased humidity can cause thermal stress symptoms, such as dizziness, fatigue, or decreased athletic performance. In this study, researchers monitor the heat strain levels of international Paralympic competitors—a specifically high-risk athlete group—with a BioNomadix Wireless Logger in search of strategies to ensure their safety in humid sporting events.

Read the Full Study: Heat-related issues and practical applications for Paralympic athletes at Tokyo 2020 (Griggs, Stephenson, Price, and Goosey-Tolfrey)

VR Rescue Mission Training for Firefighters

Firefighting is a rigorous profession that demands heavy physical exercise in hazardous, stressful environments. How can firefighters physically and psychologically train safely for these low frequency, high risk events? Researchers tested a possible solution, using virtual reality rescue challenges to mimic real-life rescue operations. Psychophysiological assessments such as an electrocardiogram and impedance cardiogram were collected with BIOPAC’s Wireless ECG Transmitter and Wireless Noninvasive Cardiac Output Transmitter to assess firefighters’ engagement in a virtual reality mission.

Read the Full Study: Assessing Engagement during Rescue Operation Simulated in Virtual Reality: A Psychophysiological Study (Czarnek, Strojny, Strojny, and Richter)

The Effectiveness of Multiple Daily Stretch Routines

Flexibility training has been shown to increase joint range of motion and muscle performance during exercise sessions, as well as enhance rehabilitation processes for those who have been injured. Professionals often recommend stretching during workouts to increase one’s flexibility, but does performing a stretching routine more than once a day increase its effectiveness? Daily stretching flexibility levels for multiple joints were recorded and compared with a BIOPAC MP Series Data Acquisition Unit and AcqKnowledge software to examine whether multiple stretching routines a day can benefit fitness enthusiasts and people in rehabilitation alike.

Read the Full Study: Cross Education Training Effects are Evident with Twice Daily, Self-Administered Band Stretch Training (Caldwell, Bilodeau, Cox, and Behm)


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