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BIOPAC offers complete solutions for Consumer Neuroscience and Neuroeconomics applications when recording physiological signals almost anywhere, including: the lab, during fMRI, a workplace environment, virtual reality scenarios, in a subject’s home, or for truly mobile applications where long-term monitoring is required. 

Dispositional pessimism is related to reduced respiratory sinus arrhythmia reactivity to a psychosocial stressorNeuroscience Letters771, 136425. Zhang, H., Yang, Y., Zhao, Y., Luo, Y., Yao, Z., & Li, K. (2022).

  • Higher levels of optimism have correlated to higher levels of health, so these researchers decided to study the factors associated with optimism and pessimism to gain a greater understanding. Baseline RSA (respiratory sinus arrhythmia) and RSA reactivity were recorded for each participant during a stressful situation to find their association to dispositional optimism and pessimism. Researchers used BIOPAC’s MP160 system and AcqKnowledge to record their data and assess ECG signals.

Does the Motor Cortex Want the Full Story? The Influence of Sentence Context on Corticospinal Excitability in Action Language ProcessingNeuroscience506, 58-67. Dupont, W., Papaxanthis, C., Lebon, F., & Madden-Lombardi, C. (2022).

  • This study researched the effect that action verbs and sentence context have on motor activity. The researchers recorded corticospinal excitability, using EMG’s, while reading verbs and while reading context that determined whether or not an action was taking place. Through their recordings, they assessed that the motor cortex was activated only when an action was taking place once the sentence context for a verb was read.

Effect of Virtual Reality Hypnosis on Pain Threshold and Neurophysiological and Autonomic Biomarkers in Healthy Volunteers: Prospective Randomized Crossover StudyJournal of Medical Internet Research24(7), e33255. Terzulli, C., Melchior, M., Goffin, L., Faisan, S., Gianesini, C., Graff, D., … & Poisbeau, P. (2022).

  • In this study, researchers assessed virtual reality hypnosis’ (VRH) effect on heat pain thresholds. Participants received nociceptive stimulations to trigger contact heat evoked potentials. These were recorded using BIOPAC’s skin conductance transducer and electrodes. Their research showed a correlation between VRH and an increase in heat pain thresholds.

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