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New Citations | BIOPAC in Neuroscience

BIOPAC offers complete solutions for Consumer Neuroscience and Neuroeconomics applications when recording physiological signals almost anywhere, including: the lab, during fMRI, a workplace environment, virtual reality scenarios, in a subject’s home, or for truly mobile applications where long-term monitoring is required. 

Dispositional pessimism is related to reduced respiratory sinus arrhythmia reactivity to a psychosocial stressorNeuroscience Letters771, 136425. Zhang, H., Yang, Y., Zhao, Y., Luo, Y., Yao, Z., & Li, K. (2022).

Does the Motor Cortex Want the Full Story? The Influence of Sentence Context on Corticospinal Excitability in Action Language ProcessingNeuroscience506, 58-67. Dupont, W., Papaxanthis, C., Lebon, F., & Madden-Lombardi, C. (2022).

Effect of Virtual Reality Hypnosis on Pain Threshold and Neurophysiological and Autonomic Biomarkers in Healthy Volunteers: Prospective Randomized Crossover StudyJournal of Medical Internet Research24(7), e33255. Terzulli, C., Melchior, M., Goffin, L., Faisan, S., Gianesini, C., Graff, D., … & Poisbeau, P. (2022).

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16-Channel DAQ with AcqKnowledge Software & Workflow License

MP160 Systems with Workflow

This research system ships with an MP160 Data Acquisition with AMI100D Module Interface and AcqKnowledge software licensed for Workflow Automation. MP160 + AMI100D provides a flexible tool for life science researchers. The modular, powerful data acquisition system can be used with BIOPAC’s amplifiers and accessories AND with equipment you already have.  To put together a system to […]

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New Citations | BIOPAC in Psychophysiology Research

The mind and body work together in many ways and psychophysiology research provides insight to these connections. BIOPAC has a variety of systems to power your emotion, arousal, stress, cognitive assessment, group interaction, startle, and other psychophysiology research. Here are some recent studies that have used BIOPAC systems for psychophysiological research… Skin conductance, facial EMG, […]

Seenel Imaging and BIOPAC Systems, Inc. Announce a Global Partnership

           For immediate release: January 4, 2023 Amiens, France and GOLETA, California, USA Seenel Imaging SAS and BIOPAC Systems, Inc. have formed a long-term global partnership to distribute MedelOpt®, Seenel Imaging’s groundbreaking wearable neuroimaging device for the neuroscience research market. Seenel Imaging, based in France, continues its international expansion by partnering with BIOPAC Systems, […]

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