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Discovering and understanding what motivates humans to produce better results has intrigued many researchers. Many researchers have explored the psychophysiological processes that drive our behavior. Here are some recent studies that have used BIOPAC systems to research motivation…

Motivation and Pleasure Deficits Undermine the Benefits of Social Affiliation in Psychosis. Blanchard, J. J., Smith, J. F., Bennett, M. E., Orth, R. D., Savage, C. L., McCarthy, J., … & Shackman, A. J. (2023).

Motivation and pleasure (MAP) deficits in psychotic disorders are associated with decreased social affiliation This study tested whether MAP deficiencies undermine benefits of social affiliation. Researchers implemented electrical reinforcement to help conduct their study, using BIOPAC’s MRI-compatible, constant voltage stimulator system.

Negative symptoms and cognitive impairment are associated with distinct motivational deficits in treatment resistant schizophrenia. Saleh, Y., Jarratt-Barnham, I., Petitet, P., Fernandez-Egea, E., Manohar, S., & Husain, M. (2023).

Motivational deficits have been associated with schizophrenia, with reduced willingness to exert physical effort for monetary rewards. These researchers examined whether they are driven by negative symptoms alone, or if cognitive impairment, antipsychotic treatment, or positive symptoms play a role as well. Physical effort was tested using a hand-held force dynamometer.

Differential Momentary Reports of Stress and Affect Associated With Alcohol Consumption in Middle-Aged Versus Younger AdultsSubstance Use & Misuse, 1-10. Peterson-Sockwell, H., Rejeski, W. J., Fanning, J., Porges, S. W., Heilman, K. J., Laurienti, P. J., & Gauvin, L. (2023).

Researchers studied stress as a motivator for consuming alcohol. They recorded the differences in stress and affect between younger adults and middle-aged adults with an wireless ECG setup through a BIOPAC BioNomadix System.

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