New Citations | BIOPAC and Mindfulness

Much of modern research aims to objectively record emotion and mindfulness in order to better understand the human condition. Here are a few recent studies that utilized BIOPAC equipment and found ways to do so…

The role of urban green space in promoting health and well-being is related to nature connectedness and biodiversity: Evidence from a two-factor mixed-design experiment.  Landscape and Urban Planning245, 105020. Gong, C., Yang, R., & Li, S. (2024).

Researchers studied the effect of nature connectedness (NC) on the benefits of green spaces versus gray spaces. It has been shown that green spaces have benefits to people’s overall well-being, but this study examined whether the benefits differed among people of high NC and low NC. Results were attained by recording participants’ EDA using BIOPAC’s data acquisition system and software.

Emotion contagion and physiological synchrony: The more intimate relationships, the more contagion of positive emotions. Physiology & Behavior275, 114434. Lin, D., Zhu, T., & Wang, Y. (2024).

This study explored how the closeness of two people and the nature of the emotion displayed (positive vs negative) influenced emotion contagion and mimicking behavior. Researchers had participants observe another person’s facial expressions. They recorded the responses from those watching to see if they displayed the same emotions they were seeing on the other person’s face. Researchers recorded both ECG and facial EMG to obtain their results.

Shared and distinct biological mechanisms for anxiety and sensory over-responsivity in youth with autism versus anxiety disorders.

Researchers studied the relationship between sensory over-responsivity (SOR) and anxiety, since the two are often associated with one another. They recorded SOR and anxiety symptoms in individuals with anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and typical development. Skin conductance and heart rate were measured to record symptoms.

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New Citations | BIOPAC and BCI

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