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Virtual reality has expanded research capabilities, providing researchers with the ability to simulate situations and environments they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Read these recent studies that utilized virtual reality along with BIOPAC equipment in their research…

Assessing biodiversity’s impact on stress and affect from urban to conservation areas: A virtual reality study. Ecological Indicators158, 111532. Meng, L., Li, S., & Zhang, X. (2024).

In this study, researchers examined the effects of biodiversity on stress and affect levels. Participants went through a phase of induced stress before being immersed in either an urban park, peri-urban park, or nature conservation setting. Researchers measured participants’ physiological and psychological responses with a few markers, including skin conductance response. Skin conductance response was measured using BIOPAC’s electrodermal activity amplifier for MRI.

A pilot study investigating affective forecasting biases with a novel virtual reality-based paradigm. Scientific Reports, 13(1), 9321. Loisel-Fleuriot, L., Fovet, T., Bugnet, A., Creupelandt, C., Wathelet, M., Szaffarczyk, S., Duhem, S., Vaiva, G., Horn, M. & D’Hondt, F. (2023).

People tend to overestimate the affective impact that future events will have, so this study aimed to record that tendency. Researchers had participants predict their emotional responses, and then used virtual reality simulations to expose them to positive, neutral, and negative experiences. Physiological signals were recorded using BIOPAC’s BioNomadix wireless device.

How Does a Retail Environment Affect Perceived Retail Crowding? A Study Using Virtual Reality. International Journal of Architectonic, Spatial, & Environmental Design17(1). Mejia-Puig, L., Korneva, E., & Chandrasekera, T. (2023).

This study used virtual reality to create two different retail store layouts. They recorded participants emotional responses in the simulated environments to determine what effect shape and layout had on perceived crowding. Researchers used BIOPAC fNIR sensors to obtain real-time data from the participants.

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