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New Citations | BIOPAC in Autonomic Function Research

BIOPAC provides software and hardware that allows research teams to run autonomic function tests while collecting physiological data. Here are a few studies focusing on BIOPAC’s ability to record physiological signals during autonomic function testing.

The Internet, Sleep, and Heart Rate

Does internet usage lead to poorer sleep? Using a BIOPAC Data Acquisition System to measure cardiovascular autonomic function, these researchers found a correlation between length of internet usage, time of internet usage, and resting heart rate. Read the full study: Assessment of burden of internet addiction and its association with quality of sleep and cardiovascular autonomic function in undergraduate medical students (Amrita Nayak, Kuppusamy Saranya, Jean Fredrick, Ramachandran Madumathy, Senthil Kumar Subramanian)

Comparing Autonomic Response

Through two autonomic function tests, active orthostasis and passive orthostasis, this study compared the autonomic response of individuals with and without intellectual disabilities. To compare the two groups, ECG data was collected using a BIOPAC Data Acquisition System. Read the full study: Blunted autonomic response to standing up and head-up tilt in individuals with intellectual disabilities (Thessa I. M. Hilgenkamp, Elizabeth C. Lefferts, Daniel W. White, Tracy Baynard, Bo Fernhall)

Understanding the Depths of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is known to affect both the skin and joints, but can it also affect the body’s autonomic function? Using autonomic function tests, including the Valsalva maneuver and cold pressor test, while collecting hemodynamic data with a BIOPAC Data Acquisition System, this scientist attempted to demystify the role of psoriasis in cardiovascular comorbidities. Read the full study: IMPACT OF ACUTE ANTIOXIDANT SUPPLEMENTATION ON NEURAL CARDIOVASCULAR CONTROL IN PSORIATIC SUBJECTS (Nina Lawrene Stute)

Learn more about Autonomic Function Tests

BIOPAC’s two-part AFT series examines the essential role of Autonomic Function Tests in helping researchers identify a diagnosis, evaluate the prognosis, and assess treatment options for autonomic nervous system diseases. The AFT series demonstrates a standard battery of autonomic test protocols for cardiovagal, vasomotor adrenergic, and sudomotor function. It identifies standard testing protocols, illustrates setup with the help of video recordings of participants, and provides tips for analyzing AFT data. Part 1 focuses on Valsalva Maneuver, Deep Breathing, and Active Standing; Part 2 focuses on Isometric Handgrip Test, Cold Pressor Test, and Mental Arithmetic.

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BIOPAC provides researchers with a complete range of tools to gather data on heart rate variability (HRV). The following studies demonstrate just some of the ways in which HRV research benefits from the implementation of BIOPAC hardware and software solutions. PTSD and HRV Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been associated with dysfunction of the autonomic […]

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