B-Alert X10 Wireless EEG: Cognitive Workload Metric cited

In a study aimed at establishing the utility of EEG-based measures of workload, Dr. Lee Sciarini used the B-Alert X10 Wireless EEG to evaluate the sensitivity of the Cognitive Workload metric. Sciarini, a researcher at the US Naval Post-Graduate School, administered subjects the Stroop test, a widely used assessment of attention-related performance with interference.

Sciarini's assessment of the Cognitive Workload metric concluded that it can be used as an unobtrusive
measure which is sensitive to changes in participants’ workload when confronted with a response conflict task. Considering that the overtasking of cognitive processes has been demonstrated to result in performance decrements and that there exists interrelationships between cognitive activity and performance, it follows that the Cognitive Workload metric shows promise as a surrogate measure for identifying the inhibitive activity required for the allocation of attention when adjudicating competing processes and that this measure can be exploited as a means to improve human-machine interaction.

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