Monthly Archives: February 2014

Emotional State Recognition application note details EDA and EMG setup

A new application note from BIOPAC outlines the implementation details of determining emotional state on the basis of three physiological measures: Electrodermal Activity EDA), EMG – Zygomaticus, and EMG – Corrugator. Click here to read Emotional State Recognition via Physiological Measures & ProcessingĀ  Click here to learn about othe Psychophysiological Applications for BIOPAC data acquisition […]

Intracellular Action Potential lesson released for Biopac Student Lab

Intracellular Action Potential can now be studied with a new Biopac Student Lab PRO Lesson that provides a detailed physiology introduction (developed in conjunction with Department of Biology, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls) and a graph template file to simplify setup and recording. Students make an intracellular electrical recording in cardiac tissue, observe the […]