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Intracellular Action Potential lesson released for Biopac Student Lab

Intracellular Action Potential can now be studied with a new Biopac Student Lab PRO Lesson that provides a detailed physiology introduction (developed in conjunction with Department of Biology, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls) and a graph template file to simplify setup and recording.

BSL PRO Lesson A17 Frog Heart AP

Students make an intracellular electrical recording in cardiac tissue, observe the electrical properties of myocardial cells in the vertebrate heart, develop an understanding of the ionic basis of the electrical signals in cardiac tissue, and study the effects of pharmacological probes on the cardiac action potential.

Analysis reports record measures that characterize the action potential signal—resting potential, heart rate, duration, amplitude, upstroke slope, and pacemaker slope—in a control recording and following drug application(s).

Click here for more details on the new BSL PRO Lesson A17 – Intracellular Action Potential or complete a Lesson Request today to receive the procedure PDF.

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