Monthly Archives: July 2011

Automated EDA Scoring – new video tutorial

AcqKnowledge includes a fully-automated electrodermal response scoring tool that locates skin conductance responses, visually identifies them in the record, and measures them. It also automates event related potentials (ERP) analysis by locating the onset of the stimuli and identifying a valid SCR. Preferences for the software allow the user to select: Phasic derivation method Highpass […]

BSL Update – New Lesson Customization Tools!

Biopac Student Lab update! BSL 3.7.7 Lessons & PRO BSL Lessons & PRO with updated teaching tools–now installed as one application–(for MP3X English/Windows systems) Click for Upgrade to BSL 3.7 Windows Data reports are now accessible from the Help menu when analyzing the data (Review Saved Data mode). When selected, a copy is automatically saved […]