BSL Update – New Lesson Customization Tools!

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Biopac Student Lab update! BSL 3.7.7 Lessons & PRO

BSL Lessons & PRO with updated teaching tools
–now installed as one application–
(for MP3X English/Windows systems)

Click for Upgrade to BSL 3.7 Windows

  • Data reports are now accessible from the Help menu when analyzing the data (Review Saved Data mode). When selected, a copy is automatically saved to the student’s data folder and is available to be filled out electronically. These reports can then be printed or sent as an e-mail attachment.

  • Updated Lesson Journal guiding text for all lessons.

  • Easier for Instructors to modify Lessons:

    • Choose which segments/procedures to include or omit.

    • Most lessons allow for additional recording segments past those offered in the BIOPAC procedures, so Instructors can easily add more segments.

    • Data Reports provided in an RTF format — easy to edit using WordPad or any equivalent program.

    • Lesson Procedure available as a PDF via the Help menu.

    • Lesson Procedures provided in DOC format on the installation CD so Instructors can more easily modify them.

    • Any PDF placed in a lessons folder will be accessible during the lesson via the Help menu.

  • New Lesson 10 (Electrooculogram), with revised instructions and updated Data Report.

  • New Lesson 11 (Reaction Time) works better for physiology curriculum; the previous Lesson 11, a better fit for psychology curriculum, is still offered and can replace the new Lesson 11 files.

  • BSL PRO 3.7.7 updates include…

    • Gauge View: allows user to create analog style gauges.

    • Pulse Sequence Output Control to create complex pulse sequences (MP36/MP35A only).

    • Sound Sequence Output Control: Provides ability to create “sound burst” sequences through the computer’s sound card.

    • Media Capture/Playback: Record video and/or audio simultaneously with other data.

    • Playback Mode – plays back data, including video or audio, exactly as it was recorded.



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