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Wireless movement data transformed into sound for Linga dance production

Watch additional tones – linga & stade trailer

ADDITIONAL TONES, the latest production featuring dance Compagnie Linga, the electronic music group STADE, and BioNomadix wireless physiology amplifiers premiered in February at the Octogone Théâtre de Pully (CH).

The music of the piece is shared between the dancers, two live musicians, and BioNomadix Wireless Accelerometry and Gyro units attached to the dancers—the interactive system collects impulses produced by the movements and muscular activity of the dancers, and then Network Data Transfer through AcqKnowledge software and digital programming are used to transform the activity into sound.

ADDITIONAL TONES further develops Company Linga’s work on the augmented body through body motion sensors. STADE joins Company Linga to create a dialogue between contemporary dance and music…”a private conversation that boldly follows unexpected and random paths, which create a hybrid space where body movements and sounds freely flow together. With the impact of new technologies, the sound body is getting extended and dilated, growing into a complex, open, and receptive entity. When musicians are involved, this generates new choreographic models that are deeply involved within the scientific adventure of modern society.”

BioNomadix wireless amplifiers are available for ECG, EMG, EEG, EGG, EOG, Respiration, Temperature, Pulse, EDA, Impedance Cardiography, Heel-Toe Strike, Gyroscopes, and Accelerometery and offer great potential for opening multiple artistic applications…request a demo today!


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