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Contribute to Cutting-edge Advancements in Brain Research


Take the opportunity to develop your research and provide a deeper understanding of brain function

What We Offer

This call gives you the opportunity to have free access to equipment and technical support, to set up a fully-integrated fNIRS-VR-Physiology research protocol to develop a deeper understanding of the intricacies of brain function.

fNIRS + EEG BioNomadix Wireless Physiology Data Vizard VR software

Key Points

  • Who may apply?
    We invite researchers from diverse backgrounds, including neuroscience, psychology, biomedical engineering, and related fields to submit proposals that align with the overarching goals of this initiative. The project may include several academic partners if needed. Experiments must be conducted in the US or Europe. However, worldwide partners are welcome in the project.
  • What technology should I use?
    This call for proposal will be granted with equipment loan and technical
    support on the following devices: MedelOpt fNIRS device, BIOPAC
    Systems sensors for physiology, and Vizard software for VR experiment
  • What expertise should I have?
    Research partners involved in the project should have an expertise in at least one of the following fields : virtual reality; physiological signals processing (e.g., HR, RESP, etc.); fNIRS.

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VRNeuroConnect Project Format, Terms, and Conditions (pdf).

We Are No Longer Accepting Submissions

record fNIRS with VR and physiology

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If you have  questions about this call for proposal, or are interested but your project does not fit the selection criteria, please keep in touch with us!


Apply by extended submission deadline of  Sept 15, 2023!

Print-friendly VRNeuroConnect Call for Proposal (pdf)

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