Top Neuroscience and Neurobiology Labs using B-Alert Wireless EEG

B-Alert wireless-EEG headsets and software are used in top Neuroscience University Labs* in a variety of applications:

  • Harvard University: Identification of biomarkers for early on-set Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Stanford University: Center for Design Research (Environmental Psychology)
  • UCSF (San Francisco): Mitigating the Effects of Aging on Memory Decline in Elderly Populations
  • Johns Hopkins University: Neural Adaptive Heads-Up Displays
  • MIT – Draper Labs (Mass. Inst of Tech): ERP-Responsive BCI Interfaces
  • Yale University School of Medicine: Autistic Patient Diads Interactions
  • Columbia University: Neural Responsive System for Satellite Imagery Analysts
  • UCSD (San Diego): Team NeuroDynamics Assessment in High Immersion VR Environments
  • Washington University in St. Louis – School Of Medicine: Identification of biomarkers for early on-set of Alzheimer’s Disease

B-Alert Wireless EEG

Simple, portable, accurate, wireless

B-Alert X10 offers wireless acquisition of 9 channels of high fidelity EEG plus ECG, and AcqKnowledge adds powerful analysis tools, including automated scoring and reporting options. For real-time monitoring of subject fatigue, stress, confusion, engagement and workload, add B-Alert Cognitive State software with proprietary metrics to classify data from B-Alert Wireless EEG systems.

The B-Alert X10 wireless EEG system operates as a stand-alone wireless EEG system or interfaces with BIOPAC’s range of physiological monitoring devices. For more complete studies, use the B-Alert wireless EEG system with BIOPAC’s BioNomadix series of wireless physiological monitoring devices, functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy products to combine hemodynamic and electrical brain monitoring, and extensive stimulus presentation and synchronization options.

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*As ranked by the US News & World Report.


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