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BIOPAC Releases New BioNomadix Smart Center System

Good quality data is important for reliable physiological research. No longer restrained to wires or stationary devices, BIOPAC’s newly released Smart Center is a lightweight and compact system designed to acquire quality data. The portable, wireless device offers high fidelity physiological data, allowing for subjects to be untethered while being recorded.

The system includes the Smart Center device and either two or three transmitters, which can wirelessly acquire up to 9 signals. These signals include ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG, EGG, EDA, RSP, SKT, PPG, Cardiac Output (NICO), Accelerometry, Goniometry, Dynamometry, and Heel-Toe Strike.

smart-configAlso included is the device’s own software, AcqKnowledge for Smart Center, which has the same powerful analysis tools of Acqknowledge 5 but with a streamlined configuration wizard specialized to Smart Center. The configuration wizard automatically detects and pairs preconfigured transmitters, providing them with options specific to the incoming signals.

The Smart Center system in its entirety can be stored in a durable, light weight case, small enough to be carried in one hand. The form fitted interior houses the individual components of the system, allowing for both protection and organization.

Wireless Physiology System case

Smart Center Case

The BioNomadix Smart Center is available as two packages with customizable features. Smart Center Essentials includes the wireless Smart Center unit, AcqKnowledge for Smart Center software, two or three BioNomadix transmitters, and the carrying/storage case. Smart Center Enhanced includes everything in Essentials, plus a BioNomadix Logger, and BIOPAC’s Basic Scripting License. In addition to either of these packages are four additional licenses options: Network Data Transfer (NDT), Remote Monitoring to allow for the data to be displayed on multiple devices, Actigraphy license, or FaceReader Integration to allow for compatibility with face reading software.

Watch the Future of Physiology Webinar to learn more or request more information.

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