BIOPAC Launches New “Smart Amplifiers”

February 14, 2019; Updated Nov. 12, 2019
BIOPAC Systems, Inc.
Goleta, CA USA

New “Smart Amplifiers” make it easier than ever for life science researchers to get great data

Smart Amp HW

Fast Setup & High Performance

Smart Amplifiers improve performance by amplifying the physiological signal close to the subject, which allows a high-level voltage connection to the data acquisition system and reduces noise artifact.

Record data (and automatically pre-configured derived measures) for a wide variety of life science measures:

  • Biopotential Smart Amps: ECG (Heart rate, RR interval, and R-wave amplitude), EEG(Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, Gamma), EGGEMG and fEMG (Integrated EMG, RMS), EOG (Derivative), ERS
  • Transducer Smart Amps: EDA (Phasic EDA), PPG (Pulse Rate), RSP (Respiration rate [normal breathing], elevated respiration rate), and SKT Skin Temperature.
  • New! Impedance Amps: NICO (impedance (Z) and its derivative (dZ) for noninvasive cardiac output measurements), EBI (Electrical Bioimpedance: Magnitude and Phase; Derived dZ/dt)

AcqKnowledge Smart Amp setup includes guides and prompts to prevent errors. Plus, channels are automatically set to be plotted and included in input values display, with the initial visual range set to the min/max input range for that Smart Amplifier signal type, in appropriate units.


Smart Amplifiers are the newest addition to BIOPAC’s proven, trusted solutions for researchers and educators worldwide.


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