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MP36 System

Upgrade to MP36 System

Part #: MP36U-W, MP36U-M

Upgrade your Biopac Student Lab System to MP36 hardware and current Biopac Student Lab software. Upgrade components: New MP36 data acquisition unit:…

MP36R Reseaerch System plus Network Data Transfer

MP36R Systems with NDT


This Network Data Transfer system (-NDT) ships with an MP36R Data Acquisition unit and AcqKnowledge software licensed for Network Data Transfer,a real-time data transfer…

MP36R Reseaerch System plus API and Scripting

MP36R Enterprise System – Win only

Part #: MP36RWSW-ENT

The Enterprise (-ENT) Developer’s system ships with an MP36R Data Acquisition unit and AcqKnowledge licensed for BIOPAC Basic Scripting and Network Data Transfer,…

Psychophysiology TA Pack

Psychophys/Neuro transducer pk

Part #: BSLPSY-TA-MP36/35

Includes this hardware: SuperLab Stimulus Presentation System STP35W Adds these BSL PRO Lessons (see Curriculum for details): H30 Stroop Effect…

SuperLab System for MP36/35 or MP36R

Part #: STP35W

The STP35W is a stand-alone system that measures subject responses to visual or auditory stimuli. Includes SuperLab, c-pod, response box, and…

MP36R Systems

Part #: MP36RWSW, MP36RWS

The MP36R Research System is a flexible, powerful tool for life science research and teaching. MP36R starter systems include an MP36R data…

MP36R Reseaerch System plus Scripting

MP36R Systems with Scripting


This scripting system (-BAS) ships with an MP36R Data Acquisition unit and AcqKnowledge software licensed for BIOPAC Basic Scripting, a scripting language…

dsub9 to RJ11 jack

Output Adapter RJ11 to MP36

Part #: OUT6

Use this DSUB9 to RJ11 jack Output Adapter to map the analog output of an MP36 or MP36R to an…

BSL-TCI series transducer interface

Interface VPG to MP36R

Part #: BSL-TCI24

Plethysmograph interface for VPG transducer (TSD204) to MP36R System analog input (dSub9). See TSDVPG for bundled VPG transducer + interface. See…

MP36/35 to parallel port, 3 m

Part #: STP35B

MP36/35 to E-Prime, Direct RT, MediaLab, Inquisit, and other systems that connect via the parallel port. This item replaces the…

Input Adapter – MP36/35 or Research Amps

Part #: BSLCBL14A

3.5 mm phone plug cable with a built-in attenuation. Provides a divide by 10 attenuation to scale the ±10 V…

output adapters for BIOPAC MP36 and MP36R

BNC adapter for MP36 built-in stim

Part #: OUT3

This BNC adapter is designed to output signals from the built-in low voltage stimulator on the MP36 (Analog Out port).…

SuperLab Interface Cbl to MP36/36R/35

Part #: STP35

The STP35 Interface Cable connects SuperLab to an MP36/35 Biopac Student Lab System unit or MP36R Research System unit. The…

US Power Adaptor

Power Supply for MP36/35/30

Part #: AC300A

+12 V, 1.25 amp Use from MP to mains wall outlet. One power supply is included with each MP36/35/30 System…


Vibromyography Systems with MP36R


The VMG36R Vibromyogrpahy Systems are a complete solution for muscle monitoring using Vibromyography. Each includes an MP36R data acquisition and analysis…