High Frame Rate Synchronization

Tightly Synchronize Physiological and Video Data

Now researchers can obtain synchronization within 1 video frame (10 ms) between physiological data and video data, running at a rate of 100 frames per second, with BIOPAC’s CAM-HFR-A High Frame Rate Video Monitoring System. The CAM-HFR-A system connects to a Windows PC via included Ethernet card and is controlled through the Media Menu in AcqKnowledge 4.3.1 or above. AcqKnowledge software generates an analog output signal (automatically controlled via stimulator) to drive the camera. The sync pulse is set in the software by adjusting the frame rate (up to 100 fps).

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Camera System – High Frame Rate

Part #: CAM-HFR-A

Tightly synchronize high frame rate video—up to 100 FPS—with physiological data recorded with a BIOPAC Research System Use the High…