haptic transdcuer

Haptic Transducer with Adjustable Travel and Force

BIOPAC provides a haptic (tactile) stimulation transducer for use with MP160/MP150/MP100 data acquisition and analysis system, AcqKnowledge software, and STM100C module that provides pulse and waveform stimulus outputs for nerve conduction, evoked response, audio stimulus-response and somatosensory response studies. The transducer is used in research experiments requiring haptic or tactile stimulation. This is an ergonomically designed transducer that straps onto a variety of body locations.

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haptic transdcuer

Haptic (Tactile) Stimulation Transducer

Part #: TSD190

The TSD190 is a haptic (tactile) stimulator that is ergonomically designed to strap onto a variety of body locations. It…

Thermode attachment

Thermode for Thermal Stimulation

Part #: TSD191

The TSD191 Thermode has a 30 mm x 30 mm contact area to deliver hot/cold thermal stimulation pulses when driven…