Differential Pressure

Differential Pressure Transducers for low range pressures

Differential pressure transducers from BIOPAC are designed for use with the BIOPAC DA100C amplifier, and support ranges from ± 2.5 to 350 cm H2O. When used in conjunction with BIOPAC electrodes, AcqKnowledge software, the MP150 data analysis and acquisition hardware platforms, amplifiers and other system components, these differential pressure transducers form a complete data acquisition and analysis system.

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Differential Pressure Transducers

Part #: TSD160A, TSD160B, TSD160C, TSD160D, TSD160E, TSD160F

Use TSD160 series differential pressure transducers for low range pressure monitoring. The transducers plug directly into the DA100C general-purpose differential…

Differential pressure transducer

Differential Pressure Transducers – DSub9

Part #: SS40L, SS41L, SS42L

The SS40L-SS42L series differential pressure transducers are designed for low range pressure monitoring. These transducers plug directly into the CH…