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Fully Automated Animal Sleep Data Scoring

Use SleepSign™ software to provide a fully automated tool for scoring animal sleep data. Record data using a BIOPAC MP150 data acquisition system and open the AcqKnowledge software data file in the Kissei SleepSign software. SleepSign requires two signals to perform the analysis, EEG and EMG. The software provides options for automated and manual scoring of the data. Once the data has been scored, the software provides a summary report of the analysis results. 

  • observe the quantity, quality, and condition of sleep stages of animals (rat, mouse, dog, etc.)
  • use EEG, EMG, ECG, body temperature, and other signals to detail various sleep stages
  • apply automatic or manual Stage Scoring, Hypnogram & Trend information, and Frequency analysis.
  • output Stage Graph (quantity), Average Spectrum (quality), and Vigilance State Parameters (condition)
  • multi-animal staging with one-step presetting

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Part #: SSA100W

With SleepSign for Animals sleep analysis software (software for Windows), you can observe the quantity, quality, and condition of sleep…

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