AcqKnowledge Translations

AcqKnowledge Translations

AcqKnowledge is an interactive, intuitive program that lets you instantly view, measure, transform, replay, and analyze data. Perform complex data acquisition, stimulation, triggering and analyses using simple pull-down menus and dialogs—no need to learn a programming language or new protocol. Fully translated versions of the software are available in Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.  Used with BIOPAC electrodes, hardware platforms such as the MP150 and MP36 units, amplifiers, transducers and other system components, AcqKnowledge is part of a complete data acquisition and analysis system.

AcqKnowledge software is used by thousands of labs around the world and has been cited in thousands of peer reviewed publications. AcqKnowledge is included with each MP150, MP36R, and B-Alert system—it can also be purchased separately. It runs on both the latest Windows and Mac OS X operating systems to provide an industry leading data acquisition and analysis platform.

Online analysis settings, filters, and transformations provide real-time feedback, or you can choose from a wide variety of off-line analysis tools. Multiple display options are available during and after acquisition—just click on an icon to flip between Chart, Scope, X/Y, Overlapped segments, Histogram, or FFT.

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