ConfiCap Interface

ConfiCap for Mobita Wearable Biopotentials

BIOPAC provides a snap-on configuration header for Mobita mobile physiology units With AcqKnowledge and Mobita, the system is quickly configured to do the work of multiple systems without the added cost of multiple amplifiers. Mobita® wearable physiological signal amplifier systems record up to 32 channels of high-fidelity wireless biopotential data. Mobita systems include the hardware unit and choice of ConfiCap and are fully integrated with AcqKnowledge software for 32 channels of biopotential data with 3D accelerometer and trigger channel.

Record ECG, EEG, EGG, EMG, EOG, etc. and either telemeter data back to a computer running AcqKnowledge for real-time display and analysis of the signals, or record it locally for later download. Easily switch between live or logging modes to suit your research protocol, and swap headers to quickly change electrode configuration or signal type.

Swap out the ConfiCap™ to change the signal type or electrode configuration for Mobita wearable physiogic signal amplifier systems.

  • Quickly change the configurations of the inputs for specific applications (i.e., 32-ch EEG, EMG, or combinations of ECG/EMG/EEG, etc.)
  • Customize your own design
  • Create research protocol driven configurations

Simply disconnect one header and snap on a new configuration for a completely different application. Each channel is single ended (unipolar) and AcqKnowledge is easily configured to create unique montages and combinations of signals. Record a 12-lead ECG while recording EEG and EMG data all with the same device.

All caps are available in small, medium or large sizes. Complete wireless system includes choice of cap.

Breakout boxes are available. Contact BIOPAC for more information.