fNIR Software

fNIR Stand-Alone Software

BIOPAC provides stand-alone software (with upgrades) to process, analyze, visualize, or automate signals from fNIRfunctional near infrared optical imaging systems. fNIR  systems measure oxygen level changes in the prefrontal cortex of human subjects.

Each fNIR system provides real-time monitoring of tissue oxygenation in the brain as subjects take tests, perform tasks, or receive stimulation and allows researchers to quantitatively assess brain functions—such as attention, memory, planning, and problem solving—while individuals perform cognitive tasks. It eliminates many of the drawbacks of MRI and provides a safe, affordable, noninvasive solution for cognitive function assessment. The fNIRdevice provides relative change in hemoglobin levels, calculated using a modified Beer-Lambert law. The powerful fNIRspectroscopy imaging tool measures NIR light absorbance in blood of hemoglobin with and without oxygen and provides information about ongoing brain activity similar to functional MRI studies. 

fNIRSoft Stand-alone Software features an easy-to-use interface and wizard tools for:
  • Temporal Visualization
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Topography
  • Data Management
  • Scripting Engine
  • Signal Analysis

fNIRSoft Standard edition is included in fNIR100B, fNIR200B, fNIR300B, fNIR100A-W, and fNIR200-W Systems.

fNIRSoft Pro Edition is included pre-loaded in the fNIR400A System.

Use these options to add fNIRSoft to older fNIR100, fNIR200 or fNIR300 Systems, or to upgrade installed ffNIR Standard to Pro.

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