Needle Electrodes

Ndl electrode Unipolar 37mm TP

Needle Electrodes for Stimulation & Recording in Animals & Tissue Preparations

EL450 series stainless steel needle electrodes are equipped with a flexible lead terminating in standard Touchproof connection. Teflon coated needle electrodes are fully insulated, with a clear Teflon overcoat, except for the conductive needle tip. Bipolar concentric 25 mm, Unipolar 12 mm, and Unipolar 37 mm with Touchproof connectors needle electrodes are available.  

  • For stimulation, use a pair of EL450 or EL452 electrodes
  • When recording from a single site (e.g. studies of individual muscle fibers), use one EL451 electrode plus one EL452 ground electrode
  • For general-purpose recording, use a pair of EL450 or EL452 electrodes, plus one EL452 ground electrode
  • For biopotential recordings (such as ECG), scrape the Teflon coating to maximize contact area

Interface Notes

  • For connection to older model 100A/100B-series amplifiers or STMISOA/B, use CBL201
  • For connection to interface an MP3X or MP45 data acquisition unit, use SS1LA, BSLCBL8, or BSLCBL9

When used with BIOPAC transducers, AcqKnowledge software, the MP data analysis and acquisition hardware platforms, amplifiers and other system elements, these needle electrodes are components of a complete data acquisition and analysis system.