Gas Analysis

02 and CO2 amplifiers

A Full Line of Gas Analysis Amplifiers and Accessories

BIOPAC provides a broad range of gas analysis amplifiers and related equipment for research requiring demanding expired gas analysis measurements, very high volume and rate expired gas analysis measurements, and others.  Complete real-time Oxygen Consumption (VO2) and Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER) measurement systems are available, as is a full line of accessories.  Gas Analysis Systems (1 or 5 Liter) and amplifiers for O2 and CO2 measurement are available. When used with BIOPAC electrodes, AcqKnowledge software, the MP150 data analysis and acquisition hardware platforms, transducers and other system components, these gas analysis amplifiers are part of a complete data acquisition and analysis system.
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Carbon Dioxide Measurement Amplifier

Carbon Dioxide Measurement Amplifier

Part #: CO2100C

The CO2100C is an infrared-based carbon dioxide measurement module designed to provide accurate measurement of the carbon dioxide content in…

Measure O2 and CO2

Gas Analysis System

Part #: GASSYS3

New! Gas Analysis System—paired with an MP36 unit, airflow transducer, and accessories—provides a lower-cost, compact, simpler, solution suitable for both…

Oxygen Measurement Amplifier

Oxygen Measurement Amplifier

Part #: O2100C

The O2100C is a paramagnetic-based oxygen measurement module designed to provide accurate measurement of the oxygen content in ambient air,…