Temperature transducer

Temperature Measurement Sensors and Probes

BIOPAC provides a series of temperature probes and sensors for human and animal experiments in the life science laboratory. Surface and liquid sensors and probes, as well as probes for dry or wet bath temperature measurements, are available to support a wide variety of life science experiments. Used in conjunction with the Biopac Student Lab, these temperature sensors and probes are key components of a complete life science teaching system.

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SS6L, SS6, TSD202A Temperature Transducer

Sensor for SS6/6L+TSD202A (repl.)

Part #: RX202A

This is a replacement temperature sensor for TSD202A for MP research systems SS6L for BSL education systems SS6 for telemetry/wireless…

Temperature transducer

Temp., Digit surface, BSL

Part #: SS18LA

The SS18LA is designed to record skin temperature of the fingers or toes. The probe contains a surface temperature sensing…

Temp., Liquid immersion, BSL

Part #: SS8L

Use this stainless steel liquid immersion probe for dry or wet bath temperature measurements. Response time: 3.6 sec Max operating…

SS6L, SS6, TSD202A Temperature Transducer

Temp., surface/fast-response, BSL

Part #: SS6L

The SS6L is used to measure temperature on a variety of body locations. The SS6L is also appropriate for use…

Temperature transducer, core temp, BSL

Part #: SS7L

Use this vinyl probe for core (oral/rectal) temperature recordings.