Feedback & Markers

Push Button Feedback Transducer

Marking, Triggering, and Response Devices

BIOPAC offers a variety of devices for event marking, triggering, and subject response, including hand and foot switches, a digital marker box, and others. Used in conjunction with the Biopac Student Lab and other components, these marking and triggering devices are key parts of a complete life science teaching system.

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8-Ch Marker Box, Digital I/O, BSL

Part #: SS55L

Use for remote event marketing or to externally trigger data acquisition for psychophysiological response tests. Monitor switch data as a…

Push Button Feedback Transducer

Push Button Hand Switch – MP3X/45

Part #: SS10L

This pushbutton switch is used for remote event marking or for psychophysiological response testing such as stimulus/response studies. It connects…

Subject Response – DSub9

Part #: SS43L, SS53L, SS54L

The SS43L incorporates a slide control with graduated scale that allows the user to gauge their subjective response to a…